TDM Tool Crib Module

Reducing crib costs with the TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line

The right tool at the right time in the right location: The Tool Crib software helps you organize your crib inventories efficiently and maintain complete cost control.

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Reduce both crib costs and crib inventories

TDM organizes your crib inventories, and thereby your crib costs, economically and with optimum structures. It records all movements and thereby guides you securely through the tool cycle in production. The module is an important basic function in the holistic Tool Lifecycle Management process. It records the inventories of tools and production equipment.

The Tool Crib Module also processes information on their condition and location. This combination creates a solid basis for planning the tools, orders, and machine occupation. The software supports ordering processes, controls and manages automated and manual crib systems, and ensures optimum crib inventory levels. The right tool in the right location thus becomes a reality.

Efficient management of crib inventories

The TDM Tool Crib Module organizes items and tool assemblies by inventory and crib location, taking into account the current location of the tool. This creates absolute transparency and economic efficiency for your tool organization. The software can be used with both manual and automatic crib systems. Barcode scanners are supported for reliable tool identification. This means flexible structures.

The purpose of the module is to reduce efforts for logistics and supplying production equipment. At the same time, efficient storage  increases tool availability on the machine.

Our TDM Tool Crib Module includes extensive functions, whose benefits you should also discover for your shopfloor:

  • The structure of the crib and cost centers has a variable configuration
  • The intuitive operation guides users through all booking dialogs
  • The module facilitates a connection to automated crib systems or vending machines
  • TDM takes into account both new and used articles, and users can define wear parts
  • With the main function users can book new entries and movements of the tools between crib, production costs centers, and repairs, as removals including starting the reasons
  • Users can make bookings at various data levels: From individual items, through tool assemblies and their parts lists, all the way up to complete tool lists and difference lists
  • With access to crib, there is an option to integrate ID systems, such as barcodes or chips
  • Crib controlling offers transparency through creating of statistics

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