Benefits of Preset ToolsShow

Tool presetting greatly reduces the downtime on machine tools. When the tool has been measured, the setting data is used to tell the machine control vital information it needs to perform its task. Tool changes are quick and there is a reduced risk of damage to the work piece, fixture and machine spindle. Pay back on a presetter investment can be measured in just a few months by reduced scrap and improved up time on the machines.

Advantages of Induction ShrinkShow
Thermal induction shrink tool holding is an effective way to hold a cutting tool. This method is safe, quick and effective. Heating takes around 6 seconds with cooling around 1 minute. Shrink will improve tool life, productivity, surface finish and accuracy. We can supply the largest range of devices available.
Save on Tool InventoryShow
How do you control your tools and inventory? With Kelch tool management you can schedule tool builds, control stock levels, store and find the tools you need from draw location or cupboard. Re ordering of tools with your suppliers can be automatic and detailed reporting on usage and cost of each tool. A powerful tool in controlling costs and profitability.
Tool Storage & TransportShow

Equipping your tool storage area with purpose designed and built units is an important part of managing tools. Tools are heavy and the construction of the Kelch racks, draws and trolleys are robust enough to safely move and store tools.

Preventative MaintenanceShow

To reduce the possibility of a machine spindle failure through the gripper mechanism fatigue Kelch offer a gauging system called Safecontrol. This allows you to monitor the pullback forces and identify impending failure before it becomes a problem. This allows planned maintenance rather than have the pressure of a scrapped work piece, poor surface finish, tool breakage, spindle vibration and more… Safecontrol allows you to identify these potential problems before they happen. See our products section 'Measuring and Gauging' for more details

Tool Crib EquipmentShow

From our range of tool storage and transportation equipment Kelch can provide all you need to manage and store your production tools. These include everything from the tool presetter, thermal induction shrink devices, tool assembly and tightening fixtures, cleaning equipment and washers for tools and spindles, hand tools for adjusting and clamping tools. In addition we can work with you to design the ideal crib with tool flow to include strip and clean, assembly and tool shrink and measuring.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help you improve your operation's efficiency.

Instant Parts InspectionShow

Using our new KENOVA measure line range of products means that you can inspect the quality of rotationally symmetric workpieces directly after machining and/or between individual production steps on an automated basis.
Since it is possible to integrate the units into production lines, the workpieces do not need to leave the production line and sit in a lenghty line of jobs on the CMM.
You can choose from various measuring tasks that can be customized to your own particular requirements.
In this connection, the measuring tasks range from the diameter through the length, roundness, angle to concentricity and even more.
Special solutions are also possible for measuring threads, gears, roughness measurement or bearing locking (roll dimensions).
This makes it possible to measure rotationally symmetric components, like gears and splined shafts, sliding sleeves, cardan shafts, external rings, transmission components
This full CNC functionality makes the process fast acurate and repeatable. Full quality control reporting is also a feature of this equipment.

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