Presetter Upgrades

Upgrade the hardware and software on your presetter to improve the performance and longevity of your machine.
Is your presetter equipped for the End of Windows® 7?
Windows® 7 support officially ended on January 14, 2020. Since this date, Microsoft has no longer been issuing updates or security patches, making Windows 7 (or earlier) operating systems out of date and a critical vulnerability.

If your presetter is connected to your company network and you continue to use a Windows® 7 OS (or earlier), your KELCH presetter PC will still work, but it will become a security risk to your organisation and may also in time develop problems interfacing to third party systems.
As you now know, the long-term mechanical stability and precision of KELCH presetters is unrivalled on the market. This allows us to upgrade older presetters, long after similarly aged models from competitor suppliers have been rendered obsolete through deteriorating base body materials.

Act now and invest in the future of your KELCH tool presetters. We can upgrade your Trabant, Kalimat A/C/E, Sirius and Kenova Set Line models to ensure full support capability and spare parts availability for the coming years. All upgrades will be based on the latest Windows 10/11 Operating System with the industry proven KELCH Easy v10 measuring software.
To ensure minimal downtime to your operation, KELCH can also assist with migrating existing presetter data to your new Windows 10/11 IPC control system.
For more details, view our Presetter Upgrade Flyer
• Reduced costs of upgrading rather than replacing
• Modernisation of your stock
• Use of Smart Factory Services e.g. comprehensive
  networking with your existing systems
• Full support enabled by the upgrade
• Stable body of presetter is retained
• Extended life cycle
• Use of our latest technology
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